Brand Story

Venture Pal was founded based on one simple question, "75% of people are dehydrated mostly due to forgetting to drink enough water, although they know they need to drink 8 cups of water a day?" We created the world's leading motivational water bottle and have inspired millions of people to drink more water globally. As we grew, we are dedicated to not only protect our customers from dehyration but create the most effective, science-backed lineup of wellness products.

Brand Influence 

Leveraging our strong supply chain management, brand equity and R&D capabilities, Venture Pal has become a leading water bottle brand in the United States. Our water bottles have been recommended by many celebrities and have also been reported by numerous global media groups.To provide our customers with faster relief from dehydration, we've expanded our product line with Hydration Boost, a healthy and delicious electrolyte drink mix designed to take their hydration routine to a whole new level. 

Our Mission

To encourage more people live a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle for the world to benefit from. 

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